Massive LJ Hack/The I AM NOT CLOSED Post

(Been crossposting this to comms I mod since the more that know, the better.)

I've been seeing this everywhere so you probably have been, too. Just in case there are some of you who aren't aware of it, it seems like a lot of journals have been hit by hackers. They seem to be mostly targeting large communities and their moderators but no one can ever be too safe, right?

Basically, what the hackers do is delete everything - and I do mean everything - on a journal and then post to it stating that journal is closed and/or moved to another site. Do not click on any links. I actually saw this on a community I was watching but didn't pay much attention to it at the time since I wasn't aware of the hack yet. The entry will sound completely benign so don't kill yourself if you actually click on the links. But unless there was some previous indication that the journal was going to close indefinitely - frankly, I've never seen a comm close completely to the point of dumping its entire contents - it is highly likely that the entry is bogus. I don't know what LJ has been doing to prevent more future hack attempts but protect yourself. Not only does clicking the links dumps viruses and spyware onto your computer, it also throws in keyloggers, nasty little thing that logs everything you type at your hacked computer. So if you've got one on your machine, nothing is safe.

upstart_crow has a post here with a picture of exactly what the entry looks like. For those who don't want to click on any links today, here it is:

Dear friends, I, as the maintainer of the community, have to inform you that, due to the recent tragic events, I've decided to stop using LJ as a platform for my community. From now on, all new depression-related materials should be posted to the new community I've recently created, as for old posts, you will be able to find them there.

I've read somewhere that the links take you to a Russian poetry site. Those random Russian LJs that keep friending you? Don't friend them back.

copperbadge has a very informative post on how you can protect yourself here by deleting any old, unused emails associated with your account and/or enabling a security question. I personally was surprised that all the emails I ever used with LJ were all still there. Really, LJ? Really? Unfortunately, there is a damn catch with the email purging thing.

After changing to a new email address for use with an account, verifying it, and using it on the account for six months, it becomes un-removable, but allows for all earlier email addresses to be removed on the Manage Email page.

If you think your computer might've been compromised, run your anti-virus/spyware software.

For future reference - I AM NOT CLOSED AND I WILL NOT CLOSE regardless of whatever tragic events may occur in my life!

Holy crap

I didn't know it's been 2 months since my last post. =O And then my paid account expired, rofl. Well, whatever; I'm of half a mind to move my journal anyway.

Work-wise, things more or less settled. I'm pretty free at work now that I've been taken out of the order processing team. On the 3 new girls - one is pretty alright. She's easy to get along with. She gets panicky and afraid easily but I think once she's used to the work, she'll be more confident. The girl - who I should really call "lady" because of her age - I mentioned in my previous post needs to be avoided as much as possible. Talking to her about work is one thing but I would avoid everything and anything personal. Her mouth can run pretty fast. And her attitude is a bit off-putting, especially if she made a mistake and someone higher up is scolding her; she would mumble to herself when she walk away. The 3rd girl is... eh. She's very friendly so getting along with her is no problem. But she doesn't take her work seriously and sometimes, she really makes me facepalm myself so hard. For example, whenever she takes customers' reservations, either she never check stock first or she misreads the info, I don't know which. But either some codes are incomplete or non-existent or there's no stock to reserve. Maybe she comes from an okay family or her boyfriend is financially well enough but you can definitely sense from her a kind of, "I have a big financial pillar behind me so I don't have to worry about work" attitude. It makes for a lousy sort of work ethic, IMO.

I've been so lazy to log onto the internet lately, not just LJ. Most of the time I'm on the internet, it's just to check mail or play with my FB farm (yes, it's addicting.) Otherwise, I'd turn on the computer to watch TV and that's it. So if there's no update from me for another 2 months, don't be surprised. Don't worry - I'm not dead yet. <3
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The new girl... I still prefer to reserve some judgment on her work until at least she's been around for 1-2 weeks. But man, she's one strange lady. One, she's very energetic. She's enthused about her work, I'll give her that. But, she doesn't listen. For example, I keep telling her not to put in so many spaces when she's typing sales orders. Otherwise, there'll be dozens of pages to print. But she still continues to do it. And she's not consistent in her format. Normally, when you type up an order a certain way, you stick to that format, right? She doesn't; one order she'd do this way, the next she'd do another way. o.O And then the funniest case happened right before she left the office yesterday.

She finished up 2 sales orders and passed both to me for checking. I noticed she used Skynet (which is a courier service here) for both. One PO had "Urgent" stamped on it and the other had nothing. But I thought maybe both customers called at some point and verbally requested Skynet. Okay, no problem. When I asked her about it, I was really just trying to double confirm that both customers wanted to use Skynet. I was being nosy, that's all. Then this transpired:

Me: These two customers asked for Skynet?
New staff: No.
Me: ...Wait, what? Then why did you give them Skynet?
New staff: Other than Skynet, we don't have normal transport, right?
Me: Yes, we do. We always use normal transport unless the customers request specifically for courier service.

The thing is, when we use Skynet, we have to charge customers the courier fees. If they never requested for this service but we still gave it to them and charged them for it, you think they're not gonna go ballistic on our arses? I was so glad I double-checked with her. I have to wait til Monday, though, to fix the sales order.

Honestly, between chasing after TNT for their consignment notes and typing up delivery orders, I really don't have the time to deal with the new girl. I'm not sure that she's following everything I tell her anyway. Sometimes, I'd say something and she'd repeat it back for me verbatim. Except she never writes anything down and I already have the feeling that she's the type who forgets easily unless she wrote it down.

And we have 2 more coming in on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Lord help me if I have to buddy-up with them, too.

EDIT: Speaking of TNT, the consignment notes I asked them to fax over on Thursday? Oh, we got them alright. All 3 copies of them. XO And then now I'm waiting for them to fax the Vietnam ones. Seriously, why are they so slow?

I'm alive! I'm alive!

I want to watch Megamind. It sounds awfully adorable, with just the right hint of cheese. xD;;

Work has been keeping me busy as usual. We have a new staff now at the CS department and Jessica have left us for good on Wednesday. D= I've somehow taken over not only her company handphone but also the international customers. And no one told me. With the phone, our GM told me 5 minutes before one of the girls from accounts came down to pass it to me. And the international accounts? Our accounts manager intercommed me and asked me if I knew I would be handling them now.

Me: No one told me.
AM: Then you better check with the GM. But I heard that you will be handling them now.
Me: ...Whut?

The hilarious thing is that my computer doesn't have Microsoft Office. Every time I have to check into the email account, I have to use my colleague's. The AM actually came down at one point and sat next to me so I can show her that I don't have Office. I don't know what they will do about it, though.

And of course, the first day I "take over," TNT decided to go and screw me in the ass by not faxing us the consignment notes. XO But I asked the GM and she told me to chase after them again on Saturday or Monday. Today's a holiday (Deepavali) so even if TNT picked up, it would just be stuck in port. No use getting frustrated over it.

Went to Petaling street last night for dinner with 3 of my colleagues. Hung out for a little over 2 hours, just "blowing water." Fortunately, the warehouse head was willing to drive me all the way home instead of dropping me off at a LRT station. xD; We had some beers and on the drive back, he asked if I was feeling dizzy. I said no but that I was starting to feel sleepy. So he said he'd drive me home instead. =D I'm considering heading out to Times Square later today for some shopping and general hanging out with my co-worker. But I dunno - now I'm kinda lazy to go anywhere. xD;;

Update - mostly work stuff

Man, I have zero social life now. D= I mean, if it was lacking before, it's certainly non-existent now. I'm especially tired today for some reason. First, my stomach hasn't been feeling well at all. I've been having non-oily food as part of my diet for so long that I think my stomach has grown rather fragile. The warehouse manager went out to Jalan Petaling today for lunch and he bought back some cheung fun for me. Which is fine and dandy but the sauce was rather oily so I think it upset my stomach. I couldn't finish all of it because of that. Then later in the afternoon, I got hungry so I ate some oat cookies. And immediately, my stomach was upset again. x.x And maybe because of that, I got a headache. By 6PM, I couldn't deal with it anymore so as soon as I finished processing all the orders on my hand, I left.

Everyone was so tired of the phone calls today. Hopefully, we get someone new soon. Our manager said she'll be hiring 3 more but we'll see. According to Jess, our boss is such a way that if he feels like x number of people is enough, then he won't hire more. But definitely need people. =/ People kept telling me to learn BM except with the lack of manpower, who has time to even chitchat, much less learn an entire language?

I must say, one of the guys from warehouse (Chinese, of course) is totally awesome. We've taken to calling each other "honey" and "darling" now. xD Out of everyone I've met since returning to Malaysia, he's the first to be on the same level of retardation as me; we're both very "fai" people. Like so:

Alex: (explaining his motorcycle fall) I suddenly thought of Kai and bam! I fell. If I hadn't thought of her, I'd be okay.

Me: Ryzal keeps asking me every day where's his cup of milo he asked me to make. I told him to ask my honey first.
Alex: Wait, who? Ryzal, the guy?
Me: Yeah, him.
Alex: That boy must want a beating.
Me: I said I haven't even made one cup for my honey yet. How can I make for him first?
Alex: (pretends to swoon) Anyone have a sedative?

I do owe him a cup of milo, though, since he made one for me before and I never returned the favor. xD;;
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You can't implement things properly if you don't announce it to the office at large. Case in point, we now have a customer order form for walk-in customers and our own sales team should they need to order something for their customers. Jon, one of our salesmen, have been outstation for a week and so, understandingly, was unaware of the new form. When he came back, he gave me little notes as usual. So yesterday, when I finally had the time, I told him we now have a form and he should probably make use of that instead. You know, in case someone kicks up a fuss. I photocopied 5 copies for him but he said that was not enough. He made 50 more copies. As he was doing so, our sales manager asked him what he was doing. This is the conversation that transpired:

(Sarah is another salesperson and she actually knew about the form, mainly because she spoke to our new manager before and it came up at one point.)

Jon: (looks at form) The Customer Order Form.
Sales Manager: What the hell is that?
Sarah: They have a form now for...
Jon: (interrupts Sarah and looks at me, incredulous) Look at that! The sales manager doesn't know about this form! The sales manager!
Me: (too busy laughing to offer a reply)

Then Sarah was allowed to finish her explanation and the SM was still giving us a confused look. Then the GM walked inside the office. Jon held her back and asked:

Jon: GM, do you know what this form is?
GM: (looks at it briefly then caught on to the title Jon used) Hey!

The lesson learned is, there is no point in doling out new policies if even the top management is not aware of it.
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Yus, I am alive

Basically, this is how my day goes now:

1. Wake up and get ready for work.
2. Go to work.
3. Get home around 7-8PM and have my dinner.
4. Prepare for the next day (lunch, etc.)
5. Pass out on my bed.

Monday to Saturday, the same routine. Oh god, is it any wonder I have no social life? I'm always feeling exhausted when I come home from work. Once I lie down in my bed, you can expect me to fall asleep in 5 minutes. And I'm not even doing hard labor! But the work is still tiring because it does involve a lot of running around sometimes, mostly when problems arise.

And I have no computer now. Well, I did but then the new purchaser came and they switched around the CPUs. So now there's an old CPU from somewhere at my desk and it doesn't print. The two salespersons' computers behind me also can't print. I ended up using the sales manager's computer for most of the week until he came back today. Our CS manager wants me to sit inside so I'm not bothered by phone calls or walk-in customers. But I need a computer that can print the invoices otherwise, there's no point. Also, my phone doesn't work so every time I get a call, I have to hunt one down if I'm sitting inside. Sigh.

I have 2 dogs now. I can't remember if I blogged about the adopted one yet (too lazy to open up a link and check, haha.) But I adopted an all-black-with-a-white-spot-on-her-chest mutt from the SPCA 2 weeks ago. Then late last week, my mom picked up a stray all-black mutt right outside our house. One of the stray females just had a litter. They don't really like each other, though. xD;; The older gets really jealous if we let the smaller one do things first. Like, we must let the older girl out for potty. If we let the younger one go, she'll pee right where she is; she won't wait. She's surprisingly a jealous little thing. xP
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Sorry, love, but LOL FAIL

Thao: is it
Thao: should've been aware
Thao: or should've been awared
Thao: fuck my tenses
Me: should've been aware
Thao: why isn't aware
Thao: in past tense?
Me: because aware isnt a verb?
Thao: i never realize
Thao: its an adjectiev then?
Me: ..............
Thao: no wait aware is a verb
Thao: he was aware of the dog
Me: you cant exactly turn non-verbs into past tense
Thao: aware is a verb right?
Me: aware is an adjective
Thao: fuck me
Me: it describes a thing
Thao: how am i going to pass my GRE at this rate
Me: you're not
Thao: i know
Thao: shit
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Had an absolute shitty day at work

For those unaware, I didn't leave my company for AIASS.

My day actually started out okay. It was a slow morning (slow as compared to yesterday when we came in and there were literally a textbook-sized pile of orders waiting for us.) The new customer service manager came in and our GM buddied us up so she can watch the flow of the CS department. She asked me a lot about my usual work system, who handles what, etc. Up until the time I took lunch (around 1:45PM), all was going well. We were having one minor problem with a customer who kept demanding her order and kept confusing us with yes-the-installer-will-come-and-pick-up and no-he's-only-picking-up-this-and-that. But that was it and easily solvable; the driver was already gone so the installer has to come pick everything up.

And then I had lunch and when I got back to work, it was like all hell broke loose.

First of all, our 2 Malay seniors are still on holiday. Supposedly they're coming back on Friday but no one actually knows this for sure. But this means we're man-down and since a tree fell down on our Gombak branch, the people there cannot work so one of the girls (there's only like 3 people there, though) came over to help out with the calls. And then one of the admin (who joined same time as I) also came downstairs to help. The truth: they were more of a hindrance. The problem is, they're completely clueless when it comes to the system and they don't know the pricing for each customer. So each call they take, they refer back to me or Sharon (who also joined at the same time as me.) Sometimes they asked us to take the call, which really rather defeats the purpose of their presence. And at one point, the two of them actually went to the warehouse to grab ONE CUSTOMER'S ORDER together. You don't need 2 people to take out a handful of rolls! And they take lunch together and they sometimes just disappeared altogether. Hell, they disappeared even before 5:00PM and I saw them leaving for home at 6 on the dot. A few times they took calls from customers asking about their orders' delivery status and then they asked me to check. Then they asked me to call the customer back. I'm sorry but my priority is invoicing - not returning calls for you. If you're going to help, help. Don't create problems for the rest of us.

Then, I got a call from a customer. The second I picked up, he started yelling about how we sent less than what he ordered. I got an earful and he claimed he already called and spoke to a "Malay lady" about this who said she would follow up and never did. I asked the other girls and Sharon - no one spoke to this customer. The 2 girls could be lying, I don't know. Then all at once, the trouble came. People were walking in and wanting to order and the 2 girls kept giving the orders to me. The warehouse was telling me something with A LOT OF STOCK IN THE SYSTEM has only 3 rolls left (not the first time this has happened.) Our Maluri branch called and said they didn't receive one order and the customer was on the way there to pick up and I had to find out WTH happened. Then he got angry that no one is available to deliver it to him anymore and refused to budge on it until later, when he finally asked the customer to come to our location instead. The customer I mentioned up there whose installer was supposed to come pick everything up - her installer came but we couldn't find all 4 orders. So we're running around trying to find everything. Then the installer said he only came to pick up X rolls. Then somehow he agreed to pick everything up. And then the customer herself came after the installer left - literally, a few minutes after he left.

Then the customer who yelled at me on the phone showed up and yelled at me again. He literally came up to the counter, slapped down his order, and was like, "You gave me shortage. I don't care what happened - let me have the rest first."

At that point, I was ready to cry out of frustration. I already passed this issue to my GM earlier, before the man showed up. And she said she and the salesperson would take care of it because they all know the man is quite fussy and ridiculous, actually. So, alright. Then the man came in and I wanted to find out exactly what the problem is. One problem was that after I processed the order, my sales manager did it again but sent the goods to the customer; mine was sent to the installer. So there are actually 2 orders right now. When the man first called, he claimed that he received it, that our driver just left his premise, but that it's short 5M. I wanted to find out if that's actually true because since we sent out the goods twice, he didn't exactly have a shortage, did he? It's a surplus. I asked him to explain again; he told me that the installer said there was a shortage in what was sent to him. This meant the order that I did, since the one my sales manager did was sent to the customer's store himself. And then he started with the pissed off ranting. Fortunately, one of my salesmen was there so he took over for me. The gist of the conversation:

Jon: (looking at the order) What exactly did you receive?
Customer: I need 10M - installer said you gave 5M only! Just check your system and you'll know!
And we did check the system.
Jon: We sent out 10M.
Customer: *pause* You call the installer. You talk to him.
And then...
Customer: Never mind. I call him.

So he called and then told us not to give him the "shortage." And then 10 minutes later, he was nowhere to be found. I heard from the GM that it was actually the installer's fault; maybe a miscommunication or something, I don't know. Jon was saying that he probably humiliated himself and left quietly so as to not make yet another scene. When we were still working on this case, he told me that if the man wanted anything, that I should talk to him (Jon) because the man's original salesperson and he aren't exactly on speaking terms anymore. I guess he really was that shitty of a customer. The best part? He refaxed over his order later and wrote down: "Please cancel this order." We already sent the goods out - how do we cancel?

After that, the new CS manager said to me, "I understand now why your invoicing process is so slow. Too many distractions." And I was like, "YES!" I told her that we were separate teams before - 1 for calls and 1 for invoicing. But since we don't have enough people, I have to take calls now again. Fortunately, this craziness is only going to last until the 2 Malay staff comes back, which is hopefully to be this Friday. And hopefully, with the new CS manager, we can turn things around.

EDIT: Although, we did have one customer coming in who helped brighten my mood. He's a pretty amusing guy - talks hell of a lot but he's hilarious to listen to. The minute I saw him, I was like, "Leng zai, how are ya?" And he responded with, "Great now that I see you." He's more personable compared to the other customers who come in. Usually the other walk-ins are just demanding their goods. He'd joke around and make lame gags.

I just want to note, though, that despite my acting out my frustration, I never do it in front of a customer. For example, when I was nearly in tears over the shitty customer who yelled at me and the Gombak staff was bothering me with some trivial case, I told her very curtly to take care of it herself and turned my back on her to take a call that just came in for me specifically. And I threw my pen onto the table. But that was it. The second I'm on the phone, I'm professional because I'm still customer service. Whatever shit the customers throw at me, I have to put on a good face. Do I abide by the "customer is always right" policy that our boss seems to wholeheartedly subscribe to? No; there should be a limit to how dumb a customer can be but as long as you're not crossing that line, I'm going to give you my best CS face.
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Job change!

I'll be resigning from my current job tomorrow and starting a new one with AIA Shared Services on Monday. Still a customer service position but at least AIA offers better professional prospects than my current company.

I wonder if it'll be too awkward to still go to the company dinner tomorrow night after tendering my resignation. xD;;